10 Mobile Applications For Every Student To Keep On Their Mobile Phone

This article is about 10 Apps that is very important to have every student on his SmartPhone

1. Google Podcasts

Is it an application by google that provides audiobooks to listen to and many topics you can learn in different languages ​​by listening to lessons prepared in the language you want?

Google Podcasts

2. Telegram

It is an application by Pavel Durov that makes it easy for students to send audio and video lessons as well as free channels that offer unlimited lessons and books. I would advise every student not to lose his mobile so as not to overload information.


3. Google Classroom

It is a modern application developed by Google that is designed to bring teachers and students together as if they were in a class. It has many methods that can be used. With a deadline, the teacher can also share lessons and books with his students by sending more information.

Google Classroom

4. Solo Learn

It is a great application if you are a student of ICT and Coding you are struggling with Solo Learn is the solution you have today you can learn any coding language written by finding people who help groups meet millions of programmers has a place to practice.

5. YouTube

It is a modern application of google in recent years the most useful site is YouTube, connected and watched by 4 billion people you can get a series of free lessons, you can learn what you need All we can say is that he is the modern teacher we are in if you are not connected a lot has passed you by


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